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Light-Commercial Equipment Multi-functional Trainer AL-2003

$2,349 USD

Work out from the comfort of your own home with the home gym from Progression Fitness. Sturdy 4-point contact system with oversized rubber feet. Space-saving all-front design: Fully Adjustable Bench Design to perform chest, incline, shoulder, arm and back exercises.

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AL-2003 (Multifunctional Strength Gym)

Product Dimensions: 132 x 198 x 215CM

Package Dimensions: 191 x 60 x 27CM

          128.5 x 105 x 21.5CM

Product Weight: 137KG (weight stack not included)

Shipping Weight: 139KG (weight stack not included)

Accessory Weight: 90KG (cast iron weight stack)


Product functions:

Basic exercises on this model includes: biceps curl, cable fly, rowing, cruch, seated chest press, seated chest press, seated chest crossover, seated lat pulldown, push-up, bent over cable rowing, bend deadlift, standing cable curl, standing tricep pushdown, kneeling one-arm cable fly, bent over cable fly, standing rotation, plank, boxing, leg curl, and lunge cable row.



  • The weight stack are updated from 60KG to 90KG
  • Cushion can be folded to save storage space
  • 7 options of settings for the butterfly workout, enabling users to workout in different styles

Additional information

Weight 226 kg
Dimensions 131.8 × 104 × 215 cm


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